Our team members in spring 2018

Members of the field school:

  • Prof. Dr. Hussein Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, conservator (Minya University)
  • Dr. Silvia Prell, egyptologist (assistant director and coordinator)
  • Dipl.-Rest. Heike Pfund MA, conservator (supervisor)
  • Dipl.-Rest. Friederike Funke, conservator (supervisor)
  • Moustafa Retib Mourad, Ines (inspector MoA)
  • Adel Ezat Fahmi, Hysam (inspector MoA)
  • Reda Zareh Moosa, Rafik (Minya University)
  • Hesham Ali Shady, Esraa (Minya University)
  • Ezak Khalil Saleh, Marym (Minya University)
  • Mamdouh Maroof Mobark, Nada (Minya University)
  • Ahmed Adham, Nagla (Minya University)
  • Salah Abd El Salam Abdo, Rasha (Minya University)
  • Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed, Sally (Minya University)
  • William Abd Al Shahid, Wassim (Minya University)
  • Boshra Malty Makar, Mamdouh (MoA)
  • Salah Ali Mahran, Mohamed (MoA)

Members of the excavation team:

  • Prof. Dr. Katja Lembke (archaeologist, head of the mission)
  • Hysam Adel Ezat Fahmi (inspector of the Ministry of Antiquities)
  • Rex Haberland (surveying engineer)
  • Alexander Gottschald (surveyor)
  • Helena Langheinrich (surveyor)
  • Katharina Westphalen (architect)

We also thank our workers for their effort:

Shehata Abdelaziz, Taha Atiya, Salah Mohamed, Mahmoud Salhin, Ahmed Abdou, Shehata Mohamed, Mustafa Omar, Abdelaziz Hedeja and Basim Fathi.

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