2022 – Fifth season of excavation

The excavations in the Petosiris Necropolis of Tuna el-Gebel continued in autumn 2022.

Figure: Excavation of GB 79


This season, the excavations focused on two areas:

  • The tomb building GB 79 was finally completely uncovered (the front court had already been excavated in 2021) and
  • single tombs near the street leading to the tomb of Petosiris were excavated.

Figure: Single tombs near the street leading to the tomb of Petosiris

GB 79

GB 79 turned out to be a tomb building of Roman times with wall paintings and a comprehensive group of objects and burials. It is the first time at Tuna el-Gebel that a painted tomb was documented with its entire context!

The tomb was probably built in the 1st half of the 1st century CE and up to the 1st half of the 3rd century CE continued to be used.

Figure: GB 79 from north

Two rooms contained colorful Egyptian-style wall paintings with Roman influences.

In the first room a procession is shown on either side of a doorway, each with three individuals: Osiris, Sobek (?), and a woman (owner of the tomb?) to the right and Anubis, Thoth (?), and a woman (owner of the tomb?) to the left.

Figure: GB 79, first room, wall paintings: processions

In the second room, within the broad passage to the next room, Hapi with a bull to the left and Thoth to the right were represented.

Figure: GB 79, second room, wall paintings in the broad opening: Hapi with bull and Thot

In addition, several burials and numerous finds in this tomb were documented, which will be analyzed in the next campaign.

Figure: GB 79, some of the pottery found inside the tomb building

Geophysical survey

Furthermore, the geophysical survey in the eastern and southern sector of the necropolis was continued.

Figure: Geophysical survey conducted with ground-penetrating-radar-measurements

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